Dental and Partials

Dentures have come a long way since your grandparents wore them. Today's dentures are carefully crafted to fit your mouth and often don't even require dental adhesives to keep them in place. Of course, until you become accustomed to wearing dentures and until your dentures are adjusted for their final fit, denture adhesives ensure that your dentures don't slip or shift. Your dentist may use implants to support your dentures, improving retention and bone height preservation. Plus, dentures are becoming more and more natural looking, to the point that it's virtually impossible to detect that your smile isn't your natural teeth.

Dentures come in both full and partial plates. Partial dentures are crafted to fit around your natural, healthy teeth. Partial dentures can help you regain full use of your mouth by replacing only the teeth that no longer provide you with the best oral function. Full dentures replace all the teeth in your mouth and are crafted to look as natural as possible and to fit as snugly as is comfortable.

Your dentist is able to take molds of your mouth before your teeth are extracted in order to create dentures for you to wear directly after the extraction of teeth that will no longer serve you. Of course, these immediate dentures will need to be adjusted after your mouth has healed from the extractions, as gum tissues contract. After your dentures have been adjusted for their final fit, proper cleanings at home and regular dental appointments to check for gum health and proper fit are all that it takes to maintain your new smile. Dentures are a wonderful alternative for those whose natural teeth have ceased to function at their optimum levels. Ask your dentist about your options if you think that you require dentures. Call to make an appointment today, or request our office contact you.

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